WATCH: FINALLY! We have a teaser for the brand new Incredibles film – Incredibles 2!



Incredibles 2 isn’t out until summer next year, but Disney have just treated us to a sneak peak with a cheeky teaser trailer. 

The Incredibles are back!

The teaser shows Mr Incredible and his superpowered baby, Jack-Jack Parr.

Incredibles 2 picks up where the original film left off, following the exciting adventures of the Parr family – a superhuman family with super abilities. Incredibles 2 sees Mr Incredible take on his biggest challenge yet – a superpowered baby! ?

The sequel to the 2004 Disney Pixar film The Incredibles, is set for release next June.

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· 5 years ago

Want to see justice league

· 5 years ago

Incredible I love the incredibles
Can't wait for number two

· 5 years ago

Ha Ha!
That is so good and entertaining!
The film must be really, really funny!
P.S. I like how those lasers look!

· 5 years ago


popchip4 · 4 years ago

it wasnt an AMAZING trailer

but it seems like a good movie