The world’s smallest ice cream van has been unveiled in Manchester and it’s SO cool!

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THE  world’s smallest ice cream van has been unveiled, delivering free ice cream to shoppers at intu Trafford Centre following new research that eating ice cream makes people happier!

The mini motor measures just 47 inches long and 39 inches high and has a maximum speed of 12mph.

The ice cream van will go on a tour of 14 shopping centres around the country including Manchester, London, Newcastle and Glasgow, delivering free ice cream to thousands of shoppers over the summer. 

The tour follows research from intu that eating ice cream is amongst the top 20 things that make people happy in summer with others including going on holiday and listening to music outdoors. Three quarters of Brits also say they are happier in summer than in winter.

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happy4456 · 5 years ago

That's so nice! That man travelling through all of those countries and delivering FREE ice creams, just to make people happy.
that made my day?

· 5 years ago

mine too I agree happy4456

· 5 years ago

It is really nice seeing someone making England ?. Instead of war and all that

· 5 years ago

So kind. #lovewins! Looks yummy too!!

· 5 years ago

It is so cute

· 5 years ago

sweet making kids and adults happy such joy

· 5 years ago

Very nice. Free ice creams to make people happy!!
I definitely agree with u happy4456!

· 5 years ago

very sweet

· 5 years ago

That's so nice of them :) It must make every one a whole lot happier