READ: Should the plastic wrapping on cucumbers be BANNED?!


A MEMBER of the House of Lords has called on the Government to force supermarkets to scrap “unnecessary” plastic wrapping on cucumbers.

It’s estimated that some 490 tons of plastic wrap is used to cover cucumbers in the UK every year.

Last year, around 220,000 tons of cucumbers were sold in 2016.

Lord Robert Hayward says that UK supermarkets should offer customers a larger selection of vegetables unwrapped.

Not that easy!

Supermarket ‘Co-Op’ has tried selling unwrapped veg before, but it didn’t exactly go to plan…

Iain Ferguson, Co-Op’s environment manager, said: “The packaging actually helps to increase the shelf life,

We did a full-scale trial in 2012 measuring the waste of wrapped and unwrapped cucumbers and we found that by wrapping the cucumbers we reduced the waste by two thirds.”

What do you think? Should the plastic wrapping on the vegetable be banned? Let us know in the comments below

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· 4 years ago

Unless you had a fridge, a cucumber goes mushy without covers

· 4 years ago

They should have the plastic on them

· 4 years ago

Keep the plastic on them. But make sure you recycle the plastic wrapping first - about a quarter of our country’s problems are due to pollution! Ok, maybe that was a little exaggeration. I don’t know the real numbers.
#Recycle #GreenPlanet #BeKindToTheWorld

· 4 years ago

Yes I think you should ban the plastic wrapping because you can’t recycle it so it will end up in rubbish dumps. It is not good for the environment.

· 4 years ago

I think there shouldn’t be plastic wrappers on any fruit of vegetable because it only stays on to look clean. Does it really matter if you have a ‘mushy’ cucumber? Why doesn’t every shop change some of their shelves to shelves of baskets or boxes for the cucumbers to go in.