Missing cat has emotional reunion with owner after eight months ?



PEPSI the cat was brought into The Mayhew Animal Home when a member of the public found him living as a stray outside a school in Harlesden.

After being scanned for a microchip by our Animal Welfare Officers, we discovered that he has been missing for eight months and had a very worried family searching for him. They were able to contact them to give them the good news that Pepsi was safe at the Animal Home.

The family were over-the-moon to hear that Pepsi had been found – and had a very lovely, emotional reunion back with him in our cattery. Take a look! 

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· 5 years ago

cute cat!

happy4456 · 5 years ago

i know literally EVERYONE favours dogs, but I am one of the biggest cat lovers around!! There is a cat that lives opposite me, and he comes to visit me everyday... he is sooooooo cute!!!