WATCH: These scientists launched a teacake into space… and named it Terry!

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WHAT would happen if you sent one of Scotland’s much loved Tunnock’s Teacakes into space? Would it return in tip top condition or would it come back a smooshed, melted mess?

Glasgow Science Centre (GSC) found out… and we ACTUALLY love them for it.

In its latest “Glasgow Science” video, GSC launched “Terry” (yep) the Teacake from Houston, Renfrewshire and streamed the recorded footage on social media.

Here are the highlights of Terry’s space adventure…

  • Terry was airborne for 2 hours and 4 minutes from launch until landing
  • His peak altitude was 37,007 metres – it took 1 hour and 29 minutes to reach this point
  • At his peak altitude, Terry would have been exposed to to UV-c, which is a type of harmful ultraviolet radiation which the ozone layer otherwise absorbs to stop it reaching ground level.
  • It took Terry 40 minutes to return back to earth.
  • Terry was pretty intact when he landed in a tree in Galloway Forrest Park
  • 33,000 people watched Terry’s trip live online

This reminds us of one time, when a radio station launched a pattie and chips into space.

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· 5 years ago

Terry=most embarrassing name ever. reply if you agree.#first one to comment

· 5 years ago

I agree

· 5 years ago

i agree

· 4 years ago

A teacake?!?! I love it. ha

ecrabbit · 4 years ago

What if the satellite dropped the teacake?