WATCH: DRAGONS VS DINOSAURS with Maisie Williams ?

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WHO would win in a battle between a dinosaur and a dragon? It’s one of those important questions in life, don’t you think?

So when we spoke to British actress Maisie Williams in London last week, we had to use the opportunity to ask such an expert on the two species.

Check out the vid above for Maisie’s answer…

Maisie Williams stars in new film Early Man

First News Ben spoke to Maisie about her new role in Aardman Animations’ prehistoric production, Early Man (Aardman are the dudes behind Wallace & Gromit, so they’re kind of a big deal). She stars in the film alongside Eddie Redmayne and Tom Hiddleston. 

The film tells the story of caveman Dug and his best friend Hognob, as they try to save their home by uniting their tribe against the mighty Lord Nooth and his Bronze Age City. You can watch the trailer for Early Man, here.

You can read our full interview with Maisie in this week’s First News newspaper (Issue 605) – just turn to The Big Interview on p13. Learn more about our newspaper here.

UNBOXING ALERT! Maisie Williams opens her ‘Celebrity Prezzie’

Watch Maisie open a very special Maisie-themed present from First News.

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