Take a look inside Guinness World Records HQ with the First News gang!

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To celebrate the new Guinness World Records Blockbusters! book, First News decided to try out some of the challenges for ourselves at GWR HQ in London. 

Hannah, Aaron, Dan and Charlie gave it their best shot at three different records: the fastest time to stack 20 LEGO bricks in a right-angle tower, the fastest time to match 20 emoji pairs, and the most soft toys caught blindfolded in one minute (for a team of two).

Check out the video above to see how they got on.

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· 5 years ago

it was funy

happy4456 · 5 years ago

LOL? That all i can say!!!

· 5 years ago


· 5 years ago


banjoblaze · 5 years ago

I don't even see why this's supposed to be funny, to be honest.

G1raffe · 5 years ago

I have got to say that place looks SO fun. ?
I know you tried hard first news, but really you could have done even BETTER!?
Better luck next time!?
I do hope you try again!