JUST FOR FUN: Because it’s the weekend – What’s your secret pony name?

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TO celebrate the release of the magical My Little Pony: The Movie – out in cinemas today today (Friday 20 October) – why not unlock your hidden pony name and share it with other First News Live! users?

Just follow the instructions in the image above to unlock your hidden pony name! First News’ is Glitter TuttiFruiti! We ?

What is your pony name? Comment below and let us know.

My Little Pony: The Movie – Watch the trailer!

Before you see the film this October half term, check out the trailer on First News Live!

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· 5 years ago

omg my name is shiny sparkly sunshine so embarrassing #first one to comment ;)~

· 5 years ago

Cakepop lilyshine

· 5 years ago

I'm Sparkling Twinkly Sparkle socks

· 5 years ago

Or Sparkling Twinkly LilyShine because I have 2 last names

· 5 years ago

lol! First to comment!

sangn08 · 5 years ago

My secret pony name is Sunshine Twinkly Prancershine!

LOL ?☀️?

· 5 years ago

Magical Sparkly SparkleSocks

· 5 years ago

Omg ? my name is marshmallow sparkle twinkletoes so embarrassing ???

· 5 years ago

Omg my name is marshmallow sparkle twinkletoes so embarrassing

· 5 years ago

Marshmallow Sparkly Angel Mane (sooo cringey)

· 5 years ago

Princess ?? Sparkly⚡️ Angel ? mane

· 5 years ago



Tillytab · 5 years ago

OMG Marshmallow Sparkly Gumdrop!!!

· 5 years ago

Sparkling Sparkly Lilyshine. Cute?

· 5 years ago

I’m Blossom Sparkly Glitterhoofs.

That sounds so weird when you say it out loud... #Awks!

· 5 years ago

Mine is Marshmallow sparkly sparkly Rainbow Trix!!!!
Because i have 2 middle names!

· 4 years ago

My name is star sparkly sparkle socks
but why