First News chats slime, unicorns and JoJo Bows with JoJo Siwa

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FIRST NEWS’ Ben caught up with YouTube sensation and creator of the JoJo Bow, JoJo Siwa in London last week.

The juice-obsessed queen of social media is set to perform at this year’s SLIMEFEST in Blackpool (we ACTUALLY cannot wait to ‘goo’ back!), and following the announcement we sat down with the hyperactive star to talk slime, unicorns and, of course, JoJo Bows – natch.

Take a big ‘bow’, JoJo! We love you.

JoJo Siwa will performing at this year’s SLIMEFEST in Blackpool on 21st – 23rd October. Get your tickets here:

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· 5 years ago

I ❤️ JoJo

prongsii · 5 years ago

I loike JoJo bows but does she even go to school?

· 5 years ago

she is soooo annoying

Leeandari · 5 years ago

Go JoJo!!

· 5 years ago


· 5 years ago

hi jojo, I LOVE ur work... and that hair ROCKS :)

· 5 years ago

Love you Jojo love your bows and every thing
You are a great dancer too

· 4 years ago

Those were HILARIOUS questions! I LOVE JOJO SIWA!