Check out this skydiving grandad!

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A 101-year-old man has become the world’s oldest tandem skydiver.

Meet Bryson William Verdun Hayes. He skydived from a plane at 15,000 feet to celebrate his big birthday and in the process set a new world record!

So cool!

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banjoblaze · 5 years ago

This is brilliant. Older people still have a right to do the things they enjoy and I think sometimes people forget that. My grandad travels in caravans and generally to different countries and goes on long walks because that's what he enjoys. I saw some elderly women at the new pirates of the Caribbean film, too.

· 5 years ago

I still feel so happy ? for that man because even if your old you can still do anything you want you can still make dreams come true. You can do things you didn't get to do when you where a child ? and make really big dreams come true.You can still do thing you want to do like skydiving from high in the Sky ?.You can go mining from low under the earth ?.????????????????????????????????????

· 5 years ago

cool, awsome, brill