Author Jacqueline Wilson has a special message for First News readers! ?

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We’ve teamed up with one of our fave authors, Jacqueline Wilson, for a fab writing competition – The second Jacqueline Wilson Creative Writing Prize, supported by First News, the NLT and WH Smith!

We caught up with Jacky over a cuppa to learn more about this year’s comp and what she’s looking for in her 2017 winner (which who knows, could be you!). Jacqueline was lovely enough to record a special message for her First News fans ❤️.

To learn more about the Jacqueline Wilson Creative Writing Prize head to

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sangn08 · 5 years ago

I love Jacqueline Wilson! Her books are the BEST!!!!!!!

owly · 5 years ago


· 5 years ago

I am jackys bbiiggeesstt fan!!!

evadore · 5 years ago

I LOVE Jacqueline Wilson!!!! I really hope I win!