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FILMING videos is part technique, part instinct. Before you start, have a look at other videos to see the style you’d like yours to have. Practice and follow our top ten tips.

1. Steady Eddie – Keep the camera steady, if possible, use a tripod. Try to record at least 20 seconds of each shot and always allow a few seconds before and after the action. This gives you time to play with the beginning and end shot – called roll time.

2. Wide, medium, close-up – For every scene, get different angles so that you’ve got choices for editing. For example, if you’re Ḁlming a concert, get the widest angle possible, perhaps high up looking down on the audience and stage.

3. The background – Either move the camera, move the subject or create a new background that supports the story visually.

4. Time-lapse setting – One of the most visual and fun ways to capture an event. If you don’t have this setting, just set the camera up and let it roll. You can always speed up the footage in editing later.

5. Lighting – The same rules that apply to photography, apply to videography. Always make sure your subjects are well lit, but not over-lit!

6. Anticipate action – Think about your intended shot and anticipate that moment by recording a few seconds before. You don’t want to miss the money shot.

7. Frame it – Remember it has to be something people want to see. Does the shot in your lens look good? Could the angle change? If you are filming on a mobile, always film landscape!

8. The mic – If you’re using the mic on top of your camera or phone always be conscious of where that mic is relative to the sound you are trying to capture.  If someone is talking, keep the camera close!

9. Don’t zoom for close-ups – It will lose quality and become shaky. Where possible walk up to whatever it is you want a close-up of.

10. Don’t overshoot – A common issue is to try and shoot everything. Avoid this by thinking ahead about what you really need for the shot.

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