Two of the CUTEST penguin chicks are being hand-reared by keepers at Paradise Park in Cornwall ??



Meet Pedro and Perdy – Paradise Park’s newest penguin chicks! 

As the two chicks grow up, they will slowly be introduced to the main colony. If the weather is good this summer then they will spend time in the nursery area near the penguin pool. They will then take their first dip in the pool in July, when they will be introduced to guests for the first time. 

When chicks are in the nest they have fluffy grey feathers. It takes about three months for them to leave their nests, and by this time they have developed the waterproof plumage they need for swimming.

Juveniles are grey and white, only developing the distinctive black and white penguin plumage at a year old. The pattern of dark speckles on the adult lower chest are unique to each penguin.

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Fluffy penguins

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