READ: As Fireworks’ Night approaches, don’t forget to look out for hedgehogs!


AS Fireworks’ Night approaches, international wildlife charity Born Free is reminding people to look out for hedgehogs!

At the end of October hedgehogs start looking for a place to hibernate. A pile of dry leaves in the garden or an unlit bonfire are very good hiding places for sleepy hedgehogs to build their nests.

Born Free’s Tarnya Knight says: “Hedgehog populations are in decline in the UK, so it’s important to be vigilant at this time of year and protect these amazing creatures.”

Autumn is also a difficult time for young or underweight hedgehogs, as they don’t have enough fat reserves to help them survive hibernation.

How can you help hedgehogs?

If you spot a young or underweight hedgehog at this time of year, or spot a hedgehog out during the day, you should contact your local wildlife rescue centre or vet. You can also find out more on the British Hedgehog Preservation Society’s website.

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· 4 years ago

I know that I am quite late to comment but on Saturday my dad found one at the bottom of our bonfire pile before he lit it. I am so glad it got saved.