WATCH: These CUTE baby chameleons from Chester Zoo will make your Monday



THREE colourful chameleons, so tiny they each fit on the end of a finger, have hatched at Chester Zoo – and we can’t get over the cuteness!

It’s the first time the zoo’s reptile experts have successfully bred the species, known as Cameroon two-horned mountain chameleons.

These cutie chameleons can fit on the end of a finger!

The three Cameron two-horned mountain chameleon babies, which are just 5cm in length (about the length of a small match), are the first of their kind to hatch at the zoo. The cutie chameleons are so tiny that they fit on the end of a finger!

Fun chameleon facts

  • Scientific name: Trioceros montium
  • ­Also knows as the Cameroon sailfin
  • Males are known to grow to approximately 25cm in length, with females much smaller at 20cm
  • As well as being bigger in size, males can also be distinguished from females by their two forward-facing horns coming from their upper jaw
  • Their typical colouration is bright (even turquoise) to dark green with randomised yellow and red markings
  • They are usually green but males often turn blue when attempting to attract a mate

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· 5 years ago

These baby chameleons are so cute! I wish I could just take them home and keep them as pets! ;)

· 5 years ago

I adore all animals, firebird1 and I think the same thing... I NEED ONE AS MY PET!

· 5 years ago

that video has made my week!